Information for families – from the ‘early years’ to ‘getting older’

Advice and information for those caring for a disabled family/whānau member

The intent of these articles is to provide you with information about key services to assist you with navigating the various stages and transitions that occur throughout life. There are four parts to this time-line series – The Early Years, The Middle Years, Adulthood and Getting Older.

A Time of Change

The disability support system is going through a time of major change.  This resource relates to how things are at the moment.  It is important to note some systems may differ, now or in the near future, in the following regions: MidCentral, Waikato and Christchurch.  At some point this system change will occur in all regions throughout New Zealand.

Care Matters support the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) vision and principles that are the foundation for the current system transformation. One of the EGL principles is ‘mainstream first’.  Care Matters promotes families being able to successfully access all universal supports and services.  Another EGL principle is ‘self-determination’.  Care Matters also supports the right for families to have full information so they can make informed choices regarding all options – including specialist supports and services.

Care Matters has some information on Transforming the Disability System and Enabling Good Lives for carers/family/whānau.  If you want more detailed information or want to see the latest cabinet decision’s, please go to Enabling Good Lives – a new approach to supporting disabled people.

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