Workshop Information and Eligibility

Who can attend our workshops and events?

  • People who are eligible for disability support services as determined by Whaikaha and funded Enabling Good Lives or NASC.
  • Carer(s) of people who are eligible to access disability support services as determined by Whaikaha, Enabling Good Lives, or the NASC.
  • Relief carers who want to provide supports to disabled people and/or their carer(s).

There is NO COST to attend face-to-face learning opportunities.

Do you want a tailored workshop in your area?

  • We can tailor workshops to a specific topic/s (of your choice) at a time and location that suits you.
  • These workshops can be held anywhere within New Zealand where 9 or more people want to attend (who fit the criteria above).
  • Where requested we can organise guest speakers as part of the workshop.

Get a group of families together – let us know what you want – and we can organise it for you.

CHECK OUT the Care Matters Brochure.

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