Workshop Information and Eligibility

Who can attend our workshops and events?

  • People who are eligible for disability support services as determined by Whaikaha and funded Enabling Good Lives or NASC.
  • Carer(s) of people who are eligible to access disability support services as determined by Whaikaha, Enabling Good Lives, or the NASC.
  • Relief carers who want to provide supports to disabled people and/or their carer(s).

There is NO COST to attend face-to-face learning opportunities.

Do you want a tailored workshop in your area?

  • We can tailor workshops to a specific topic/s (of your choice) at a time and location that suits you.
  • These workshops can be held anywhere in the country where there are 9 or more people wanting to attend (who fit the criteria above).
  • Where requested we can organise guest speakers as part of the workshop.

Get a group of families together – let us know what you want – and we can organise it for you.

CHECK OUT the Care Matters Brochure.

Kitchen Tables

A Kitchen Table is where a group of carers and whānau get together to explore a common interest ie. a community project, preparing for system transformation, developing a local carer network, developing a particular skill, etc.  For example, in 2016 – 2017 three different groups looked at ‘alternative ways of getting a break’ in three different local communities in New Zealand.

This year from 1 September 2020 – 31st of August 2021 Care Matters can return up to 3 times to support carers and whānau in 5 different locations around New Zealand. These groups are supported by one of our facilitators and locations are determined by local need.

We expect these groups are most likely to come out of workshops, however if you have a committed group of 6 – 10 people who want more concentrated support/training or support to get a project off the ground then please email Tina Lincoln and include your contact details.

Or contact us on 0508 726 769 if you want more information on tailored workshops or Kitchen Table groups.

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