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To help us make the Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service and website as easy to use and as useful as possible, you can tell us your feedback by clicking on the red button to the right of the screen.  You can tell us your idea, question, problem or praise.

For further information on the HDC Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights Regulation 1996 and the Health & Disability Advocacy Service.

Care Matters Complaints Process


It is the desire of Care Matters that every effort is made to appropriately respond to complaints in a way that is just, constructive and most likely to result in a speedy resolution for all parties concerned.

What is a relevant complaint?

Care Matters will receive a complaint that directly relates to the philosophy, management and operation of the service that it provides.

Who can make a complaint?

Any person is able to make a complaint.  If a complaint is made on behalf of an individual or group by an advocate/friend/solicitor then it is the preference of Care Matters that the individuals or groups directly concerned are approached for clarification prior to the complaints process being actioned.  The advocate/friend/ solicitor will be advised that this is the usual process of Care Matters.
In the event of a solicitor being involved then Care Matters will make arrangements to contact the person/group via their solicitor.

Step One In the first instance a complaint will be referred to the Care Matters personnel directly involved.
Step Two Upon receipt of the initial complaint the Care Matters personnel will attempt to contact the person within two working days and will advise the person/s with regard to the Complaints Process and will attempt a resolution.  Outcome – either complaint resolved or move on to Step Three.
Step Three If a resolution is not achieved in Step Two then the person/s will be requested to contact the Chief Executive of Standards and Monitoring Services (SAMS).
Step Four Upon receipt of the complaint the Chief Executive of SAMS will contact the Care Matters personnel involved and the person/s making the complaint within three working days and attempt a resolution. Outcome – either complaint resolved or move on to Step Five.
Step Five As a resolution was not achieved in Step Four then the person/s making the complaint will be advised to make a formal written complaint to the Chief Executive of SAMS.
Step Six Upon receipt of this written complaint the Chief Executive of SAMS or his nominated representative will conduct further inquiries and will respond in writing to the person/s concerned within fifteen working days advising them of actions that have been taken and if further investigation is required.  Outcome – either situation resolved or move on to Step Seven.
Step Seven If a resolution has not been achieved at Step Six then when a letter of dissatisfaction has been received by the Chief Executive of SAMS they will notify the person/s making the complaint of who can be contacted external to SAMS for a possible resolution.


If you have a complaint it is best to contact the person concerned first.

Otherwise you can:

  • contact Care Matters and we will get back to you
  • phone 0508 726 769
  • or send us a letter.


Standards & Monitoring Service
PO Box 31 231
Lower Hutt

When you make a complaint please tell us:

  • your name
  • your address and contact details, and
  • details about the complaint.

We ask for your contact details so we can respond directly to you. However if you wish to make a complaint anonymously it will be treated with the same level of importance.


Please tell us about your complaint.  We will contact you within two working days upon receipt of this complaint

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