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National Carer Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service

The National Carer Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service has four core objectives. These are to:

  • Enhance the health and wellbeing of carers, family/whānau and disabled people through the provision of current, relevant, consistent and accessible learning information.

  • Strengthen carer knowledge and understanding on a wide range of topics and support its application.

  • Enhance the relationship between carers and the disabled people they care for.

  • Increase carer confidence and self-esteem in undertaking their caring responsibilities.

To achieve these objectives Care Matters:

  • Operates a freephone service for Carers – 0508 236 236

  • Ensures relevant materials are developed and placed on our website.

  • Facilitates a range of workshops and courses around New Zealand.

  • Develops a network of carers who can offer leadership to carers regionally.

PrincipleHow the principles are implemented
Recognise diversity: acknowledge and respond to the diversity of needs and aspirations of carersFacilitators of Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programmes are predominantly family/carers and come from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

Facilitators will value cultural diversity by adapting programmes according to feedback from specific groups, ensuring interpreters are used when required and inviting various individuals and groups to contribute to the development of resources.

Have a flexible and responsive approach to the facilitation of Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programmes e.g. a collaborative learning approach.

The providers of Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programmes have pioneered an “aspirational” approach for the past three decades i.e. assisting people to build on strengths and preferences while imagining “what they want/could be”.

Be proactive: enable family focused support to be in place for carers when they need itWe will build local leaders so there can be community specific local supports.

Involvement with sector initiatives enables facilitators to be current with emerging issues i.e. accurate information related to innovations and opportunities.

Assist the development of local support networks.

Have facilitators that are fluent in the use of a range of specific tools that assist building stronger relationships and communities e.g. circles of support, community asset mapping, etc.

Enable carers: enable carers to have choices and the autonomy to develop, grow and sustain their personal, family and community support systems; and ensure that formal supports are reliable and are able to provide real support to carers.We promote approaches that foster interdependence.

Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programmes have an emphasis on “whole of family” and community development.

Ensure there is a strong family/carer voice in the development and strengthening of formal support systems.

Be inclusive: acknowledge that the needs of carers, family, whānau, or aiga and the person being supported are often intertwinedAn approach based on a person by person and family by family view. Sensitivity is given to ensuring a balanced view, where all perspectives are valued and the family network is strengthened.

Family/carers are equipped with skills to ensure they have the optimal chance of being understood and they have their preferences respected by formal supports and services.

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