Podcasts – Finding and Employing a Support Worker

1: Care Matters workshops and help for finding support workers

Louise Ratcliffe talks to Tina Lincoln from Standards and Monitoring Services (SAMS) about the services Care Matters provides to family/whānau.  She also talks about finding and hiring support workers and how care and support work may change with System Transformation.

2: Finding and employing a support worker using MyCare

Louise talks to Tyler Brummer about MyCare – how it started, what it does and how people can access work and support through it.

3: Caring for Ken – David’s story

Louise talks to David Taylor about the years he spent caring for his tetraplegic brother. They discuss the difficult decisions he and his family had to make, the care/support they found and the highs and lows of caring for a family member.

4: Caring for Ken – David’s story continued….

Conclusion of interview from previous podcast. David and Louise discuss David’s life as a carer for his brother Ken.

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