Information on Family Funded Care (FFC)

Family Funded Care (FFC) 

Due to Covid 19, the transition from your current FFC arrangements to an alternative support option has been delayed. Check out the Ministry of Health’s website about changes to FFC.

The new arrangements offer the choice for a funded family carer to be either:

  • employed by a home and community support service provider; or
  • funded through a personal budget, such as Individualised Funding

There are four categories/processes:

1.  For those people who are currently on FFC and want to move to IF, you will need a new Service Authorisation from your NASC indicating that you meet the High or Very High Needs criteria.

2.  For people who are on both IF and FFC, the same process applies – a new Service Authorisation and indication that you meet the criteria. In this case your whole allocation will be loaded as Individualised Funding and you can just carry on.

3.  For people who are on just IF and would like to start paying yourself or another resident family member, you can do so freely until the end of June. After that you will need your Needs Assessment and Service Coordination service (NASC) to confirm that you meet the criteria to continue to pay family.

4.  For people who are not on either IF or FFC, you will need to go to your NASC for an assessment, and they will forward the appropriate information.

(Adapted from information from the Ministry of Health and Manawanui)

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