A series of booklets for the brothers and sisters of children who have been diagnosed with a disability. Siblings are taken step by step through topics such as self-care, coping with difficult emotions, and how to build an enjoyable and meaningful relationship with their brother or sister.

My Sibling Has a Disability

What does this mean? This guide provides information for siblings on what it might mean to have a brother or sister born with different abilities.

When I Feel Worried (0-6 years)

A sibling support resource designed for siblings of children with a disability or health impairment who may struggle with anxiety. Aimed at children 6 years and under.

Ka Maaharahara Ana Au (0-6 years)

The ‘I Feel Worried’ booklet is available in Te Reo Māori for tamariki who have a disabled sibling and experiences anxious feelings.

Sometimes I Get Anxious (7-12 years)

A sibling support resource designed for siblings of children with a disability who may struggle with anxiety. Aimed at youth aged 7 to 12 years.

Sometimes I Get Anxious (13+years)

Having a sibling with a disability is a unique experience. Many people in your situation will experience a range of different feelings. One of those feelings which can seem quite overwhelming at times is anxiety.

Sibling Needs Throughout Life (Younger Children)

This resource aims to help parents support their non-disabled child through childhood and adolescence. An easy to read illustrated section for young children takes them through a few easy steps to help them through difficult times.

Sibling Needs Throughout Life (Adolescents)

Our ‘Sibling Needs Throughout Life’ resource is full of information on how parents and carers can support their non-disabled child including strategies that will help them work through their feelings and challenging situations.

Sibling Needs Throughout Life (Adults)

This booklet for adult siblings explains how to keep a strong relationship, plan for the future and look after your hauora (health and wellbeing) so you can both lead happy and fulfilling lives.

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