Guide to living in a home of your own

Information about living in or owning a home of your own – including information on home ownerships, flatting, home loans, deposit options, family trusts and guardianships.

Guide to Owning a Home of Your Own

This article has been created to assist disabled persons and whānau with information on the process of buying a home. In this article you will learn about some of the important steps in buying a home.

Applying for Government Subsidised Rent (IRR)

Income Related Rent (IRR) is a rent that is subsidised by the government in order to make accommodation more affordable for those on low incomes in public (social) housing. If you qualify for income-related rent, the government pays some of the rent.

Explanation of KiwiSaver & Housing New Zealand grants

Additional grants you may be eligible for that can assist you with owning a home of your own.

Common Home Loans and Deposit Options

Explanation of some common home loans and deposit options.

Home Finance Options

Examples of different home finance options.

Family Trusts, Property Managers & Welfare Guardianship

A kit to support parents whose son or daughter has a disability.

A Young Adults Guide To Flatting

Imagine Better

The stories contained in this booklet begin to help us recognise that a different reality is possible. If people with a disability are to be supported to live lives that are – in the ordinary sense – full and meaningful, then this can only be done when they are truly engaged in the shared life of our community.

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