Information on navigating key transitions, mapping educational opportunities and working with Teacher Aides.

Successful Transitions – Throughout Life

This resource aims to help prepare the individual and their family for key transitions – bringing together some of the main tips and issues the individual and their families may want to think about.

Mapping Educational Opportunities

Information about navigating education from the early years to the end of school.

Working with Teacher Aides at School

This article provides information relevant to carers and whānau in New Zealand about teacher aides and includes information on how get Teacher Aide support and how to best use this support.

Individualised Education Plan (IEP) Booklet

A resource guide for families.

When school is not a suitable option

Education and Training Act 2020 – Section 34

All students, including students with learning support needs and disabilities, have the right to attend school for all of the hours that the school is open for instruction.

The Education and Training Act 2020: Section 34 — NZ Legislation website

Making a Complaint

This resource covers

  • Learning Support Complaints
  • ORS Review Process
  • General Education Complaints
  • Complaint Options Independent of the Ministry of Education Tips
  • when making a Complaint

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