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The Think Differently project aimed at creating opportunities that supported disabled people into valued roles in their communities. It encouraged initiatives that enabled participation in community and civic life, strengthened local communities, changed attitudes, and build/developed family leadership.

This “DIY family resource kit” has been developed to assist a wide variety of family groups with useful information and topics that support family leadership, as well as:

  • Setting up new family groups (or Kitchen Table groups)
  • Information on Enabling Good Lives
  • Facilitation and interpersonal communication skills
  • Managing conflict
  • Planning and monitoring projects
  • Creating a brand (for new groups)
  • How to influence – media and social media guides
  • Owning a home of your own

EGL key messages and principles

DOC – 78kb

Talking about imagining better

PDF – 284kb

A window on individualised funding

DOC – 24kb

Planning and monitoring

DOC – 38kb

Talking about making a meaningful and valued contribution

PDF – 221kb

Interpersonal communication skills

DOC – 36kb

Group conflict resolution model

DOC – 25kb

Working creatively with conflict

DOC – 34kb

DIY brand guide

PDF – 1.7mb

DIY social media

PDF – 2mb

Facilitator checklist

DOC – 31kb

Guide to Owning A Home of Your Own

PDF – 78kb

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