Planning Projects & Facilitating Groups

This section contains information on planning and monitoring projects, tips on facilitation and guides to creating brands and working with social media etc.

Planning & Monitoring Projects

The following information provides tips on how to make planning successful, and the basic components of a simple planning process.

Key Facilitation Skills

Facilitation means – to “make easy”, or to “ease the process”.  With this in mind, the Facilitators role is to “make it easier” for an individual (or a group) to achieve their aspirations and key objectives.

Framework for Facilitation (making things easier)

This checklist provides a framework for the facilitation process. It is intended as a guide and some aspects may be more relevant than others depending on each unique situation. This checklist will be useful for facilitating group meetings and small or large group learning experiences.

Group Conflict Resolution Model (and facilitator checklist)

In this resource you will find a step by step guide for resolving conflict and a checklist for facilitators involved in controversy.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal communication skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups.

Creating a Brand (for new groups)

A visual identity is a guide that organisations produce to ensure that their visual appearance is consistent and reinforces their mission and goals. To raise awareness, organisations need to gain people’s attention, hold their interest, and be recognised apart from other organisations.

A Guide to Social Media

Social media is a different way of operating from your traditional static advertising methods (print, radio, television) because it is interactive. It requires constant attention and up to date and topical content. Simply posting something on a social media site does not guarantee any engagement – it needs to be relevant and interactive.

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