Covid 19 update

Do we remember the days when we could walk into a supermarket with a smile instead of a mask.

Or as it may be remembered, “When I was your age…”

We all have been dealing with the frustration, fear and uncertainty that the pandemic of the Covid 19 virus, and its mutations, has brought with it. The confusion for many of us starts with the names and being able to link what is being talked about back to Covid 19.

The various mutations or variants, which are simply a different form of the Covid 19 virus, have different names as the virus has changed in some way. Covid 19, Delta and Omicron are currently the names we have heard in New Zealand for variants of Covid 19.

We are experiencing constant changes as the needs of the world, and for us New Zealand, moves along in this journey. Keeping up with the most current guidelines can be challenging and confusing as levels, traffic lights and phases morph into each other.

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